The 13 flowers of Consciousness

- CAPSULE Collection -

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"The 13 Flowers of Consciousness" is an Applied Arts Garments Collection born from the LOVE of beauty, of harmony - a thirst to LIVE in the state of BELLEZZA (BEAUTY), VITALITA (VITALITY) or COMPASSIONE (COMPASSION) - or any other of the 13 revealed states of Consciousness.

"Consciousness is the perception of what goes through the mind of a man. It is personal because we feel it belongs to us and we cannot share it with anyone else.” A “lived through” emotion is a personal experience. Wearing any of the clothing ensembles from this “capsule-collection” - "The 13 Flowers of Consciousness" – we shift ourselves into the realm of experimenting a particular state of consciousness, which then, in turns, lifts us to another level of Self-knowledge.

The images from Maria Dermengiu’s paintings operate at subtle levels, each of their profound vibration is taking us into another area of our being, nurturing our body, mind and soul. By the clothing ensembles of this capsule-collection we have chosen 13 different energy expressions in our body, and by wearing these enchanted garments we aspire to connecting ourselves with the chosen state of consciousness.

VITALITA, FONDAZIONE SACRA, BELLEZZA ,GLORIA, STIMA, VITTORIA, AMORE DIVINO, COMPASSIONE, CONOSCENZA, VISIONE , SAGGEZZA, UNIONE, PURA , each revealed state was brought into existence by the creative translation of the images from Maria Dermengiu’s paintings on precious materials, with the delicate metallic thread enriched embroidery and sophisticated applications, representing a live experience of the emotional feelings that beautifies our Life and enriches our Spirit.

"At the core of a millet seed a whole universe can be found... In the eye’s pupil, an endless sky - " ..on earth as it is in Heaven'' – so it is Spirit’s matrix impregnated into the fabric of our Being.

Pura Coscienza

The ensemble that immediately takes you into an enchanted realm – A Dream come true.
It is the Expression of Love, the Essence of life - Joy and Balance, Peace and Truth.

Fondazione Sacra

The concept of this dress brings the energy of Creativity, the Expression of Freedom and the Pleasure of living.

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