Once upon a time… there I was, a little girl who dreamt of a mysterious, round world, wrapping her mind around intricate thoughts, ideas and vivid imagination

My roots go way back into the eerie land of Transylvania, a frontier land where stories and myths come together to spark the imagination of those who are set on the path of becoming artists of all kinds.

Ever since I was a little girl, I was exploring the artfulness of everyday life, leading me years later, into pursuing the creative path and becoming a visual artist.

I had the opportunity, from an early age to travel often around the world, which contributed greatly to my visual vocabulary and development of my visual culture.

All I’ve experienced during living abroad, flavors, colors, shapes and sounds have been envisioned and embodied into my work.

I followed the footsteps of the majority of my family by entering the Law School. After graduation, I felt something was missing and I decided that it was best to listen to my inner voice , and start living the dream I had always had within – to paint.

The beginning

I found my vocation in Arts so everything I did was received with great openness . I was and still am in an incredible flow, where everything connects and art as an emotion glues it all together.

After the first year I started painting , I had my first exhibition organized by a former Belle Arte university teacher who saw potential in my arts and believed in me. Ever since, I have had private and collective exhibitions held at most prestigious venues of Art Galleries and the National Peasant Museum, in the country and abroad.

The Art

Art Communicates.

'When the vibration of color is combined with sacred geometry a new, more complex vibration is created. Layers and layers of meaning are combined to create a new context of experience. This is art. Art is an expression of life that contains meaning. The meaning is passed to another, not through words, but through the visual experience.’


A life of beauty

Art, in all its forms, draws you out from everyday life and brings you back to the natural flow of emotions. It holds you tight and whispers "never lose your innocent soul"!

I have always had the idea of making art more accessible therefore I have created and founded the brand Marie Nouvelle (a new Marie ). It is at its core an applied arts project in which all of the products embody patterns and visuals from my paintings and personal exhibitions.

I believe in passion, in the beauty of nature and in the beauty of the human soul. My work is about all of the above and I hope you will enjoy being part of my world.

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