Once upon a time… there I was, a little girl who dreamt of a mysterious, round world, wrapping her mind around intricate thoughts, ideas and vivid imagination

Imagine a land where tales, myths and fantasies transcend any reality and become the sparkle of imagination an artist needs. This is the eerie land of Transylvania, this is where my roots come from.

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been exploring the artfulness of everyday life. This childhood curiosity led me towards pursuing the path of visual arts.

Travelling the world from a young age had majorly contributed to my visual references, cultural aesthetic and artistic vocabulary. There were colours, sounds, flavours, there were shapes, and lights, and pastels. They touched me.

In contrast, something rather amusing happened: I was graduating Law School. But my inner voice was telling me different. And so I listened and I’ve been painting ever since.

An Open Journey

There was joy. I was finally doing what I felt I should be doing and the universe was kind. I was flattered and surprised that my work was seen as art by others, it was received with great openness and many doors opened. It felt, once again,that everything connects and art as an emotion glues it all together.

The first exhibition came after just one year of painting and it was organized by a former Belle Arte university teacher. She opened ‘that’ door which opened many other doors since. Ever since, I have had private and collective exhibitions held at most prestigious venues of Art Galleries and the National Peasant Museum, in the country and abroad.

The Art

Art Communicates.

'When the vibration of color is combined with sacred geometry a new, more complex vibration is created. Layers and layers of meaning are combined to create a new context of experience. This is art. Art is an expression of life that contains meaning. The meaning is passed to another, not through words, but through the visual experience.’


A life of beauty

Art, in all its forms, draws you out from everyday life and brings you back to the natural flow of emotions. It holds you tight and whispers "never lose your innocent soul"!

Wearable art. The idea of making art more accessible is a huge desire of mine, therefore I created a new Marie: Marie Nouvelle. At its core, Marie Nouvelle is an applied arts project. Art to wear. Paint- à -Porter. From a painting, to digital, to print and onto clothes, accessories, couture, and home decor.

I believe in passion, in the beauty of nature and in the beauty of the human soul. My work is about all of the above and I hope you will enjoy being part of my world.

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