Heart of a Life

Heart of a Life silk Scarf



This versatile romanian inspired symbols silk scarf is subtle and soft. A feminine accessory that compliments any outfit with a touch of color and a hint of traditional insight. This scarf is a symbol of love. Carry it around your neck all day long and spread the love around.


Composition: 100% pure silk made of twill, inspired and printed from the Maria's painting that carries the same name 'Heart of a Life' from the exhibition 'Alegoric'

Handle with care.

Dry Cleaning Only

Product Details

Silk is a natural fabric and the weave is sometimes irregular, especially on finer fabrics. The hues and tones may vary from batch to batch. When printing, the fabric comes directly off a roll, is fed through the machines and adheres to a permanent adhesive belt. At this stage the fabric cannot be manipulated of adjusted during printing.

Prints which have borders and straight lines are more at risk of distortion through weave movement than all over patterns. There may be shrinkage of 2-3 cm on silk. This is not a constant and may vary from roll to roll and batch to batch of printing. Silk is a naturally varying fabric that is woven in traditional ways. Shrinkage is an effect beyond our control.

Marie Nouvelle Design will always endeavour to produce printed fabrics of the highest quality, but cannot be held responsible for any weave quality issues or color variations that originate with our supplier.