• 730 lei

    The Blouses are made from 100% pure silk and incorporate the painting collections from private views of the artist at The National Romanian Peasant Museum , U Art Gallery and other renowned exhibition venues

    730 lei
  • 1 350 lei

     The Concept of this dress brings the energy of Vitality, of Action, the Youth and Balance, the connection to the Nature and the Earth. See here the:Size chart

    1 350 lei
  • 2 700 lei

    The concept of this coat connects us to the Inner Peace, the azure-blue takes us into the realm of Self-confidence, of the Courage to express ourselves, daring to be as we are. See here the:Size chart

    2 700 lei
  • 2 900 lei

    The concept of this royal like coat is the expression of the Power of Compassion, Action based on loving kindness, and Sensibility – buoyed by the expressive shades of orange coloration. Printed with the painting with the same name "Compassione" See here the:Size chart

    2 900 lei