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    Be the artistic extension of a spectacular painting!

    Marie Nouvelle translates the enchanting world of Maria’s paintings into wearable art and artistic home decorations. Behind the creative vision of the brand is a visual romanian Artist, painter and pattern designer since 2010, Maria Dermengiu. Her acclaimed paintings embody moods and sensations that will take you closer to pure, elevated emotions.

    Made in Europe

    We use only 100% pure silk. The silk comes in various textures like twill silk, crepe-de-chine silk, satin silk, all of which are sourced from the best suppliers in Europe and Uk. All of our silk range products such as clothes, scarves and accessories are manufactured ONLY in Europe. We are proud to manufacture most of our products in Great Britain, to extremely high standards, in their state of the art production environment. We sustain responsible commerce with eco-friendly materials and low impact dyes.

    Hand-finished Quality

    Our products are hand finished, hand embroidered, hand embellished. Each product is made with immense passion and dedication. It is a personal statement , a contribution, a point of view in this great big world.

    A World of ART

    Dress like a Masterpiece. “Art and love are the same thing: It’s the process of seeing yourself in things that are not you.” C.K.

  • 450 lei

    Let the delicate Whispering Flowers pattern balance your mood.  The painterly blooms enhance the romantic feeling.  The floral print adds a soft touch to every outfit you choose for a chic, smart look, to any ensemble. 

    450 lei
  • 550 lei

    Paint-A-Porter Chic silk and viscose blouse imprinted from the painting 'Golden Lake' 

    550 lei
  • 170 lei

    This dreamy accessory is created to compliment any outfit. Inspired by the painting with the same name, this wallet pattern introduces you into the magic realm of flower art style .

    170 lei
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  • 310 lei

    Paint-A-PorterThe WINGS scarf is a delicate reminder that dreams come true for a woman who channels her inner strength and ambition. The majestic wings of the dragonfly will take you to higher realms by adding an artistic edge to your look.

    310 lei

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