Marie Nouvelle Ethical Brand

Marie Nouvelle takes a mindful and slow approach to design, producing only what is 100% certified natural materials like silk and wool.

We are committed to creating clothing in an ethical manner, concerning sustainable fashion. We are releasing collections only once or twice a year. Just timeless, quality pieces that never go out of style.

Each piece of our collection represents the vision of an artist and the hard work of talented women working in tailoring ateliers. We believe in doing business differently so we carefully oversee our supply chain to ensure fair working wages.

This is an applied art project designed by an artist woman, made for women and by women in their majority. We sustain responsible commerce with eco-friendly materials and low impact dyes. That's why we work with one of the UK's leading and most innovative digital fabric printing company. We are proud to manufacture most of our products in Great Britain, to extremely high standards, in their state of the art production environment. All of our suppliers and their factories operate in accordance with the Fair Labor Association Workplace Code of Conduct.

The Story Behind The Brand

Marie Nouvelle is a premium brand that creates and promotes art in various forms and shapes. The expression of this art comes to life in remarkable accessories that define the concept of Wearable Art.

Behind the creative vision of the brand is a visual romanian Artist, painter and pattern designer since 2010, Maria Dermengiu.

It is at its core an applied arts project that reconnects the modern viewer, the true art lover, with the story behind the painting. All of the products embody patterns and visuals from the artist's paintings and personal exhibitions.

Art Scarves

The centre of the collection is the “symbol” viewed as a collective echo that resonates in the heart of everyone through its significance and complexity. The world as we know it is broken down and recreated through symbols and stories.

Each scarf carries within itself a mood. It captures the exact moment from the canvas. Intricate designs, shapes and forms are able to remind of our common inheritance. The items represent a particular approach of the artist and incorporate the painting collections from The National Romanian Peasant Museum, U Art Gallery and other renowned exhibition venues in Romania and abroad.

As a lover and explorer of folklore, the artist wanted to decrypt the meanings and ramifications of ethnic creations and mythology. The collection features cultural traditions and symbolic images such as the Tree of Life, the Evening Star, the Sun and the Stars, flowers and ornamental geometric shapes, wings and initiation flights, circles and intricate tapestries.

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Art Bags

Marie Nouvelle produces chic, urban style bags made from eco leather. These bags are printed and inspired from a selection of the artist's painting collections.

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Marie Nouvelle Dress Collection

Passion for Art has always been the motivation behind every collection. The fashion collections are a subtle invitation to self awareness and a reaffirmation of femininity that resides in every woman not only through the colors painted on canvas but also through the precious materials used to create them.

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Home Deco

The Home Deco Collection has three main products: Ceramic tiles, Lampshades and Wall Art. Marie Nouvelle Home Deco delivers custom products designated for interior decoration.

The designer lampshades are decorated with amazing printed fabrics. Patterns are inspired by different painting techniques. The lampshades are made with natural fabrics such as cotton or linen. Classic ceramic tiles inspired from the artist’s painting exhibitions are printed and then mounted into amazing tile frieze.

The Wall Art - bespoke wallpaper, magnificent imagery translated into patterns for a personalized interior.

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